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Ginger S. Marcos has spent a lifetime dedicating herself and her work to helping other people and to making a difference in the lives of others. A graduate from Southwestern with a J.D. degree (2006), Marcos went on to intern with the Honorable Samuel Bufford at the Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California. Following an internship that helped her gain invaluable information about the bankruptcy process, Marcos proceeded to work at various medium-sized law firms in and around California before starting her own law firm under the sole emphasis of helping others who were in need. 

Over the past six years, Marcos has been able to apply her vast knowledge of the bankruptcy process in the state of California, combined with her experience as a personal injury lawyer, to help persons who have been injured or who are seeking debt relief in obtaining the legal guidance they require in order to move on towards a much brighter future. Marcos also offers legal counsel for civil litigation matters, including issues such as business startups and incorporations, contract disputes, civil ligation and other areas of business law. Her MBA degree (Pepperdine) has allowed her to apply her succinct understanding of the business world to her legal practice; something that empowers her to apply such knowledge and experience to the assistance of her clients regarding all types of business matters and areas of civil dispute. 

As an advocate for the people, Ginger S. Marcos is dedicated to aggressively representing her clients in court and fighting for their rights. Whether you have  been injured in an auto accident, are seeking a legal form of debt relief through bankruptcy or have a civil or business matter that you need resolved, our law firm can help. We invite you to call us today.
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